White River Calypso Rafting’s terms and conditions elaborate the right way to use, request or leverage our services. Each clause mentioned herein is related to the activities observed on our website. So, whether you want to talk to our representatives, avail a service package, or simply need some information through a thorough online website search, these terms apply to you in their full scope. In any case, we reserve the complete right to add more clauses, omit information, or modify these terms and conditions whenever we deem fit. The changes will go into effect without any issuance of notice to our website users. If you wish to see when new changes have been introduced, please refer to the renewed date of publishing.

We encourage you to read this section in detail so you have an ample idea of what each clause entails. So, if you continue to avail our services or visit our website, please understand that we perceive that as an automatic approval of these terms and conditions by your side.


Each package offered by the company has its own features and perks that will only be changed by the company. We do not cater to special requests and always stick to our company policies that are made abundantly clear to every customer. You can visit our packages page to see everything being offered. All the necessary details are clearly presented on this website and when you choose to pay us for a certain service, it is binding that you will receive just as much as we have promised. We do not owe any customer extra features, freebies (unless stated otherwise), extra rides, or special services.


Once you decide to book a package, we will require you to make the payment in full prior to or on the day of your tour. We do not offer services to customers who refuse to pay, delay making the payment, or don’t submit the charges in full. White River Calypso Rafting reserves the right to refuse customer service in case you fail to compensate us for our efforts.